Clyde River is blessed to have a dynamic and committed group of elders who are at the heart of all of our programs at Ilisaqsivik.  Elders provide mentorship, serve as positive role models, teach adults, youth, and children about traditional skills and Inuktitut language, and provide essential strategic guidance into Ilisaqsivik’s program decisions.

Elders Committee – The Elders Committee, elected annually in December, oversees the Elders’ programming as well as ensuring Elder involvement in Ilisaqsivik initiatives.

Elder Counsellors and Mentors – Ilisaqsivik employs Elders to provide counselling based on Inuit Societal Values.  Elder Counsellors are available during office hours and on call as needed, and they participate in land-based workshops and activities.  Ilisaqsivik also employs a full-time Counselling Elder to oversee elder programming and to work with children and youth as an elder figure.  The Counselling Elder also works to promote the use of Inuktitut language and traditional and cultural knowledge within Ilisaqsivik and in the community.  Elders also provide support and mentorship for our children and youth programs, helping teach traditional skills and Inuktitut language and providing positive mentorship so that Clyde River youth can form strong bonds across generations.

Inuit Societal Values (ISV) – This program is designed to strengthen the role of Elders in addressing social problems and issues and promote the transmission of Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit (Inuit knowledge) in the community through Elder-led workshops, projects, and programs.  The ISV program has greatly expanded the involvement of Elders in Ilisaqsivik’s programming and throughout the community, and has played a vital role in helping community members connect to traditional knowledge, heritage, and skill acquisition.

Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit (IQ) Workshops – The Elders organize many IQ workshops each year in order to teach youth about their culture.  These can include camping and day trips on the land, traditional skills workshops on topics like sewing and working with skins, Inuit parenting, as well as trauma and healing.

Heritage and Family Tree Projects – Special Elder-led IQ initiatives have focused on documenting family trees and collecting heritage artifacts for the new Ittaq Cultural Heritage Research Centre.