A place to
know oneself.

Where we can recognize ourselves and connect with each other, determine the path and travel it together. A place of Inuit community-building, starting with each person. In helping each other, we are finding ourselves. We are reconciling the past with the present and with what’s ahead. 

The people of Clyde River saw deep and unanswered needs in our community.

Needs for better health, for cultural connection, for skills development, for access to all of the things that allow a person to live a full life. Ilisaqsivik was created because we decided to start helping each other instead of waiting for help.

Ilisaqsivik grew from the ground up.

Whatever our community’s need, we would work to fulfil it, and we would build each program in a way that works for the people. This has led us to create everything from a library to a school breakfast program to Inuktitut-language counselling to a heritage and research centre.

Today, Ilisaqsivik’s wide-ranging services defy convention and reach beyond Clyde River.

We are most proud of the local Inuit-driven design and delivery of programs that have enhanced opportunities for community members to contribute to their local long-term wellbeing. These programs have also elevated their own professional knowledge and capability to pass along, educate others and create capacity within Clyde River and other communities.