Film and Media

The Ilisaqsivik Society’s interest in community film and media began with an initiative to document the knowledge and stories of our elders through video, so that skills, stories, and language could be preserved for their children and grandchildren. From the initial purchase of a few videocameras, interest in filmmaking and production has grown significantly in Clyde River.  What began as a wellness and empowerment initiative took on a life of its own.

Clyde River now has a growing in-house production capacity that includes cameras, lighting and microphones, editing equipment, and professional-quality sound booth.  We run local and regional media training workshops almost every year, and have supported Clyde River residents in their professional development efforts to gain more media skills.  Ittaq now employs a full-time media coordinator, and continues to add new projects to a growing portfolio that includes post-production for a feature documentary film, public service announcements that have been broadcast on APTN and regional television, and the Inuktitut language voice-over for the popular children’s television show, Wapos Bay.  It all happens at the Ittaq Cultural Heritage and Research Center.

Recent Media Projects – Ilisaqsivik is pleased to be able to share a variety of recent film and media projects, including cultural content, health and wellness content, and the Ilisaqsivik Documentary.  Ilisaqsivik has also received contracts to work on several professional projects.

Workshops and Professional Training – Ilisaqsivik has hosted a variety of workshops with professional filmmaking staff to enable Clyde River residents and interested individuals from communities across Nunavut the chance to learn skills in story development, filming, sound, editing, and production.  We have also invested in specialized training for a full-time media coordinator.

Community Access Program – Ilisaqsivik is a Community Access Program (CAP) site for Clyde River, offering public computer and internet access, printing, scanning, and fax.  We also offer public access to digital media equipment, including videocameras and film editing stations.  (Our CAP initiative is funded with support from Industry Canada, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development, Kakivak Association, the Government of Nunavut’s Department of Education, and ED&T).

Internet – Since 2005, Ilisaqsivik has been the broadband internet provider in Clyde River for Qiniq, a satellite-based network that delivers internet services to 25 communities in Nunavut.  In Nunavut, where communities are scattered across 2 million square kilometers and travel costs are exorbitantly high, internet communications play a critical role in attracting business investment, facilitating government and private sector operations, and helping families and friends stay connected.   As recently as 2004, internet service was not available to Clyde River households; today, nearly every household has an internet connection.  Internet has also enabled Ilisaqsivik to develop new jobs in the film and media sectors, and has made it easier to organize regional workshops and training programs.  For current rates, please contact us.

Services and Rates – We provide professional film, editing, and sound services in English and Inuktitut.  Please contact us for current rates.