Health, Wellness, and Personal Development

Our health and wellness programs are central to our mission of promoting community wellness in Clyde River.  Currently, we run the following health and wellness programs:

Diabetes – Ilisaqsivik’s Adult Diabetes Initiative takes an integrated approach to Diabetes prevention and healthy lifestyle promotion.  The program involves a variety of activities to promote physical fitness and a healthy diet, including recreation drop-in held six evenings a week and on Saturday afternoons, traditional games, igloo building, dog sledding, trips on the land, and health and fitness workshops.

Nutrition and Country Foods – Ilisaqsivik promotes access to nutritious food and equips Clyde River residents to make healthy food choices through our Country Foods and Healthy Meals and Lifestyles initiatives.  We hire hunters throughout the year to harvest country foods, which we serve in our programs for new and expecting mothers, children, and elders.  We also provide cooked meals and nutrition information to expecting and new mothers and their young children.

School Breakfast Program – Ilisaqsivik serves a healthy breakfast six mornings a week at the Quluaq school.  [Check back soon for information]

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) – Ilisaqsivik incorporates education and awareness-raising about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder into our programs for parents and pregnant mothers, including Parents and Tots, our Parent Support Group, Home Visits, and especially in CAPC and CPNP programs.  We also run special FASD education events featuring games and healthy foods, where we share information with participants about the impact of alcohol on fetal and child development.

Breastfeeding – We share information about the health benefits of breastfeeding in all of our programs for parents and pregnant mothers.  We also hold Breastfeeding Promotion Days, featuring games and healthy food.  We celebrate Canadian Breastfeeding Week (usually in October) in coordination with the GN Department of Health and Social Services; in 2010 we won first place in the “Less than 10,000 births per year” category of the national breastfeeding competition, with 14 mothers breastfeeding at the same time.

Community Wellness Coordinator – [Check back soon for information]

Personal Development Workshops – Each year, Ilisaqsivik hosts a variety of personal development workshops.  Workshop topics are chosen based on community interest and available expertise.  Past topics have included Parenting, Life Skills, Professionalism in the Workplace, Personal Finance and Budgeting, Harvesting and Traditional Land Based Skills, Film and Television, Drum Dancing, Throat Singing, Guitar and Drum Lessons, Dance, Grief and Loss, Sexual Abuse, Suicide Prevention, and Anger Management.  Please contact us for more information about these workshops.