The Ilisaqsivik Society was incorporated in 1997 as a non-profit, community-based organization dedicated to fostering personal and community development and healing initiatives for individuals and families in Clyde River.  Ilisaqsivik was created through the vision and efforts of a group of concerned Inuit community members in Clyde River.  In 1996, they began to meet to discuss how they could find the resources needed to support locally initiated cultural and social programs that would allow the community to develop according to its own needs and vision.  In 1997, in collaboration with the Government of the Northwest Territories and the Hamlet of Clyde River, the Ilisaqsivik Society purchased a building that had formerly housed the health centre, and the Ilisaqsivik Family Resource Centre was established.

In the first year, the new Centre housed five community groups with six staff members who worked collaboratively with no coordinator employed.  A volunteer came in twice a month to do payroll, and staff wondered how they could use all of the rooms at the Centre.  Ilisaqsivik grew quickly, however, with more and more community members taking advantage of programs and helping start new ones.  In 2001, we had 123 employees hired over the year, 10 full-time, 28 daily half or part time, and the rest employed casually.  By 2010, we had 20 fulltime employees, 87 half or part time employees, and an additional 67 casual workers.  Our building is bursting at the seams, and we have to be creative to find enough space in other community facilities to run all of our programs.  With strong support and collaboration with the Quluaq school, the Arctic College Community Resource Centre, and the Hamlet, Ilisaqsivik extends beyond the boundary of the Centre and has become integrated into the life of the community at large.