Programming Milestones

Since our founding, Ilisaqsivik has launched a number of innovative programs based on community interest and need.  In 2001, we developed the North Baffin Suicide Prevention Program in which we trained counsellors from communities across the North Baffin region.  In 2002, we developed the Nunavut Wellness Initiative  (link to www.nunavutwellness.ca), a network of communities and individuals interested in supporting the expansion of wellness initiatives across Nunavut.

Beginning in 2005, Ilisaqsivik supported the establishment of the Ittaq Cultural Heritage and Research Centre, which purchased a building next door to the Family Resource Centre in 2006.  Ilisaqsivik has collaborated with Ittaq to develop local leadership of research and heritage activities, including working with outside researchers to promote Clyde River as a research destination and offer community members the chance to be involved.

In 2006, we partnered with the Ottawa-based Blueprint for Life to offer youth outreach and support through hip hop.  Our innovative hip hop program integrates Inuit cultural practices like drum dancing, offers skill-building opportunities and peer and adult support, and teaches about healthy  lifestyle choices like avoiding cigarettes, drugs and alcohol.

Ilisaqsivik and Ittaq have collaborated to develop an innovative media training program, teaching Clyde Residents media skills and helping create jobs in the community.  In 2009 and 2010, we hosted television and media training programs for Nunavummiut from across the territory.

In 2011, the Government of Nunavut opened the new Piqqusilirivik Cultural School in Clyde River.  Ilisaqsivik played an integral role in helping bring Piqqusilirivik to Clyde River, leading the community’s application process to host the school.

With the help of the Government of Nunavut, federal funding agencies, and corporate and foundation supporters, Ilisaqsivik looks forward to continuing to develop innovative programs to meet the needs of community members in Clyde River.  We are actively seeking partners and sponsors that are interested in working with the community to support locally defined goals and visions of development and health.