2012 Prime Minister’s Volunteer Award

On December 14, 2012, Ilisaqsivik was presented with a ‘2012 Prime Minister’s Volunteer Award’ for social innovation. Ilisaqsivik Board of Directors Chair Josie Enuaraq (pictured) and Executive Director Jakob Gearheard traveled to the official ceremonies in Ottawa to accept the award on behalf of Ilisaqsivik.

You can read more about the award here: Ilisaqsivik awarded 2012 Prime Minster’s Volunteer Award

Ilisaqsivik Society honoured as one of Tides Canada’s Top 10

Ilisaqsivik was announced as one of Tides Canada’s Top 10 recipients for 2011 today. The Tides Top 10 recognizes the nation’s most innovative and forward-thinking projects and organizations that have demonstrated outstanding leadership, vision and real-world impact in addressing today’s most pressing environmental and social problems.

Ilisaqsivik was chosen for:

  • creating a place for the community in Clyde River to learn and be actively involved in Inuit culture, developing programs on the premise that “the people themselves know best.”
  • engaging all parts of the community – from Inuktituk language classes, to Inuit youth summer work experience programs and traditional hunting training.
  • teaching that wellness often begins with changes to one’s thinking and actions – with the goal to better relationships, with oneself, with family and with the community.

Jakob Gearheard, Executive Director of Ilisaqsivik Society: “We are very happy to be recognized by Tides Canada for our work to promote a strong and healthy community in Clyde River”.

This year’s Tides Top 10 includes organizations working from coast to coast to coast across the country – addressing complex problems in the areas of energy, food security, water, community well-being, youth and discrimination.

“Each of this year’s Tides Top 10 initiatives is working on a unique set of environmental and social challenges, and each one is ground-breaking in their approach to social change.” said Ross McMillan, President and CEO of Tides Canada. “Through innovation and solutions-oriented approaches, the Top 10 recipients are empowering others to drive positive change.”

Since 2003, Tides Canada has annually recognized 10 organizations that inspire people to take action and think in new ways to address environmental and social issues across Canada.

Visit Tides Canada, Tidestop10 to learn more about the Tides Top 10, view videos and images of their work, and to donate.

Ilisaqsivik, is an Inuit organization, Canadian charity and a Nunavut Society located in the community of Clyde River, Nunavut on the east coast of Baffin

Program 1

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