Parent Support Group

This program, offered twice a week at the same time as Parents & Tots and Preschool, offers a supportive environment for parents to meet with each other to share ideas, joys and frustrations.  Parents share advice and anecdotes while working on projects for their kids (e.g. Halloween costumes, traditional clothing, slippers, mittens, scarves, hats, pencil cases, puppets).  It is a quiet time for parents to regroup, build supportive and mentoring relationships, and relax.   The sessions are attended by counsellors and elders, who offer feedback and lead discussions on topics such as contemporary and traditional parenting, boundary setting, nutrition, and child development.  They are also available for individual counselling sessions with parents and/or parents and their children.  The overall focus is on enhancing the support network of parents, and on building self-esteem and confidence by recognizing the parenting skills and capacities they have and learning and practicing new ones.