Recent Media Projects

The Ilisaqsivik Society is pleased to share some of our recent film and media projects!

Ilisaqsivik Documentary – We are proud to be able to share our new documentary, filmed and edited by our own staff and featuring some of Ilisaqsivik’s innovative and award-winning community programming.

Cultural Content – Many of our short films and PSAs focus on documenting Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit (IQ – “Inuit Knowledge”).

Health and Wellness Content – Ilisaqsivik has received funding from the Nunavut Department of Health to work with you to make health and wellness related PSAs.

Piqqusilirivik – Ilisaqsivik has partnered with Piksuk Media Inc. to work on several film projects for the new Piqqusilirivik Culture School, including the creation of an training video in English and Inuktitut for the mechanical parts of the new building and a promotional video. We hope to continue working with Piksuk and Piqqusilirivik on similar projects in the future.

Research – With increasing numbers of researchers visiting Clyde River and the surrounding area, Ilisaqsivik Ihas begun to offer personalized video production services for researchers interested in documenting their scientific work and collaborations with community members.  Recent collaborations have included work with scientists from Natural Resources Canada as well as the University of British Colombia.  For more information, visit the Ittaq Cultural Heritage Society’s website.

Wapos Bay Children’s Program – In 2010, Ilisaqsivik was awarded a contract to provide the Inuktitut language versioning of 19 episodes of a popular children’s cartoon called Wapos Bay.  The program was produced with local talent and employed elders and language as Inuktitut language consultants to coach the actors and consult on script translation.  The program not only enhanced our production capabilities, it also strengthened our efforts to promote Inuktitut in Clyde River, and became a resource to help improve Inuktitut literacy throughout Nunavut.