Our Life’s Journey


Counselling by Inuit, for Inuit

Ilisaqsivik has been delivering Our Life’s Journey: Inuit Counsellor Training Program for 15 years.

The program was developed in response to the acute need for counselling by Inuit, for Inuit. It is the only Inuktitut-language counsellor training and mentorship program in Nunavut, blending Inuit and Southern healing methods. Many graduates are accredited counsellors through the Indigenous Certification Board of Canada (ICBOC).  Ilisaqsivik also runs the Mobile Trauma Crisis Response Team which is staffed by Inuit graduates of Our Life’s Journey for the Baffin Region for the Government of Nunavut, Department of Health.

Five Program Modules

Module 1

Course 1: Counselling Fundamentals, Practice and Theories I.
Course 2: Self Care, Self Awareness, Self Management and Self Responsibility.

Module 2

Course 3: Loss and Grief.
Course 4: Trauma and Recovery.

Module 3

Course 5: Addictions and Treatment.
Course 6: Inuit Knowledge, Counselling and Interventions.

Module 4

Course 7: Abuse, Violence, Controlling and Hurtful Behaviours.
Course 8: The Inuit: A Historical Overview.

Module 5

Course 9: Family, Community and Social Systems.
Course 10: Counselling Fundamentals, Practices and Theories II.

or phone 1-867-924-6565 or 1-888-331-4433.

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Wounded Healers


December 6, 2020

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Tony Back from the Brink

Piksuk Media

February 3, 2012

Our Graduates
Congrats 2021 Graduates!

ᔭᓄᐊᕆ 20 ᐊᒻᒪ 28, 2021 ᐊᑯᓐᓂᖓᓂ, ᕋᐃᒋᓕ ᐱᐅᖏᑦᑐᖅ ᐊᒻᒪ ᐃᓕᓴᐱ ᖁᐊᓴ ᐃᓕᓐᓂᐊᖅᑎᑦᑎᓚᐅᖅᐳᖅ ᐃᓕᓐᓂᐊᒐᒃᓴᒥᒃ 1−ᒥᒃ ᐊᓯᐅᔨᓂᕐᒥᒃ ᕿᒃᓵᒃᑐᓂᒡᓗ ᐃᓅᓯᓕᕆᔭᐅᓂᕐᒥᒃ, ᐊᒻᒪ ᐃᓅᓯᓕᕆᔭᐅᓂᕐᒥᒃ.

ᖁᓛᓂ ᖁᓛᓂ (ᓴᐅᒥᐊᓂᑦ ᑕᓕᖅᐱᖕᒧᑦ): ᒥᐊᓕ ᑕᑦᑕᑐᐊᐱᒃ (ᑲᖏᖅᑐᒑᐱᒃ), ᒫᑕ ᐋᕆᐊᒃ (ᑲᖏᖅᑐᒑᐱᒃ), ᑖᓚᔅ ᑕᐃᕕᑦᓴᓐ (ᐃᖃᓗᐃᑦ), ᐋᓐᑐᕉ ᐳᐃᓯ (ᑲᖏᖅᑐᒑᐱᒃ), ᒨᓯᓯ ᐋᕋᓐᓴᓐ (ᐃᖃᓗᐃᑦ), ᓵᒻᓴᓐ ᑐᑕᓐᓄᐊᖅ (ᐃᖃᓗᐃᑦ), ᑲᐃᑦᓕᓐ ᐃᓅᑭ (ᐃᖃᓗᐃᑦ), ᐃᐊᒪ ᐊᑯᓗᔾᔪᒃ – ᕼᐋᑭᑦ (ᐃᖃᓗᐃᑦ), ᓗᐊᕋ ᑰᔾᔪᐊᕌᓗᒃ (ᐃᖃᓗᐃᑦ), ᓗᐊᕋ ᑰᔾᔪᐊᕌᓗᒃ (ᐃᖃᓗᐃᑦ), ᓘᕋ ᑰᔾᔪᐊᕌᓗᒃ (ᐃᖃᓗᐃᑦ), ᓵᒻᓴᓐ ᑐᑕᓐᓄᐊᖅ (ᐃᖃᓗᐃᑦ), ᑲᐃᑦᓕᓐ ᐃᓅᑭ (ᐃᖃᓗᐃᑦ), ᐃᐊᒪ ᐊᑯᓗᔾᔪᒃ – ᕼᐋᑭᑦ (ᐃᖃᓗᐃᑦ), ᓗᐊᕋ ᑰᔾᔪᐊᕌᓗᒃ (ᐃᖃᓗᐃᑦ), ᓗᐊᕋ ᑰᔾᔪᐊᕌᓗᒃ (ᐃᖃᓗᐃᑦ). ᕿᑎᐊᓃᑦᑐᖅ ᕉ: ᑐᕇᓴ ᕼᐊᐃᓐᓄ (ᑲᖏᖅᑐᒑᐱᒃ), ᑖᓇ ᐋᐸᒃ (ᑲᖏᖅᑐᒑᐱᒃ), ᒥᐊᓕ ᐊᑯᒪᓕᒃ (ᐃᖃᓗᐃᑦ), ᕋᐃᒋᓕ ᐱᐅᓐᖏᑦᑐᖅ (ᐃᓕᓴᐃᔨ ᑲᖏᖅᑐᒑᐱᖕᒥ) ᐊᒻᒪ ᐃᓕᓴᐱ ᖁᐊᓴ (ᐃᓕᓴᐃᔨ ᐃᖃᓗᖕᓂ). ᓯᕗᓂᐊᓃᑦᑐᑦ: ᓈᓐᓯ ᐋᕆᐊᒃ (ᑲᖏᖅᑐᒑᐱᒃ), ᓈᓐᓯ ᒪᐃᒃ (ᐃᖃᓗᐃᑦ), ᔨᒥᒪ ᑯᓂᓘᓯ (ᑲᖏᖅᑐᒑᐱᒃ) ᐊᒻᒪ ᐋᓕᒃᔅ ᐸᓂᐊᖅ (ᑲᖏᖅᑐᒑᐱᒃ).

Between October 19 and 29, 2020, Leah Kalluk, Elisapee Quassa and Terry Garchinski delivered a Module 5 training to 20 participants, with Loseosie Paneak and Jerry Natanine providing simultaneous interpretation.