Tukumaaq Inc.

Tukumaaq is Our Social Enterprise

Many of Ilisaqsivik initiatives have grown into significant entities in their own right, such as the social enterprise division Tukumaaq Inc.

Incorporated in 2008, Tukumaaq is a for-profit subsidiary of Ilisaqsivik which operates as a social enterprise established to create long-term self-sustaining income for Ilisaqsivik’s non-profit programming.

Tukumaaq owns and operates Naujaaraaluit, Clyde River’s new 8-room hotel, as well as the Sigjaq Hotel, a 6-room hotel. Plans are in the works to redevelop the Sigjaq into a hotel and training centre.

The Tukumaaq model allows Ilisaqsivik to have a social entrepreneurial arm that contributes to local economic development through employment, training opportunities, and tourism. Ilisaqsivik’s goal with Tukumaaq is that all excess funds are donated to Ilisaqsivik’s charitable operations.